the silly zone
welcome to my website! i made this to serve as several things. a quick way to tell people about myself (like a carrd but cooler because i coded it all by myself), a trinketbox, and just something productive for me to do with my freetime. it'll probably always be recieving updates.
hide blinkies x
shithead i hate doing laundry autism another internet loser green is best you're gonna have beef with a silly little guy? i'm bored boo fucking hoo kung pow penis i love fall i hate the floor i am trash man there is no spoon my ball itch aw shit transmasc swag who needs drugs when you've got blinkies! toss a fig and save the date i love things from the past take a chill pill disturbed sylph of space penis i smile cuz i dunno what's going on dropped on my head as a small child i fucking love rhythm games project sekai gave me carpal tunnel mischevious i play air guitar straight old skool splatoon 2 pearl fan yaoi ketamine frye fan stay fresh! derse dreamer when fruit goes bad i left the womb for this? call me a bitch again and i'll pee on your leg biohazard i love cats you crack me up i mustn't run away! silly nendoroid fan hello 2003 normalize being a hater sea creature enthusiast fuck off even though this is just a stupid blinky, you are still squinting to read it don't eat yellow snow gamer (self diagnosed i hate popups view monster water drinker you crack me up trans teens backwards is sneet snart group pissing starts in 10 minutes metal rules i eat paper i change my layout frequently meika mikoto leave me alone hey baby! meow meow! i'm killing you the horrors are unending black lives matter nosey little bastard arent you? please don't make me kill you lost my marbles