this site doesnt really have a purpose, i just made it when i was bored to give myself something better to do with my time. more will be added as i get better at coding.
my chathandle is gratutiousTomfoolery, you should say hi i promise i dont bite
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blog post #3
god Damn its been a while since i updated this thing!!! i dont really know where to start, but i might aswell just talk about all of it since this is probably gonna be the last post i ever make on here. anyways that getting out of my room thing happened!! i played some game and a bunch of meteors came and destroyed a bunch of shit but i lived because i did a bunch of shit in the game and got sent to this place called the medium. apparently there are a bunch of other people playing this game but im only familiar with two of them which kinda sucks i want to be able to socialize with people but whatever. so i go outside for the first time in my entire life and what am i greeted by? a bunch of fucking little creatures that have these inflating sacks on their necks and they make weird croaking noises theyre called frogs i think. then i got bored and decided to fuck around and prototype myself into my sprite and now i know a bunch of shit about the game which is kinda cool but not really because im probably gonna die because of my own stupid choice! basically our session is fucked and we have to do this thing called the scratch which resets the session i think its confusing whatever. i think some people are gonna escape to the new session on a meteor but since im like part of the game now i dont know whats gonna happen to me and im scared. i just got out of this prison ive been in my whole life only to just get. scratched or something before my life even really starts and the worst part is its not even anyones fault but my own! if someone like grabbed me and chucked me into the sprite id atleast have someone to blame but i brought this on myself like "hurr durr im gonna go do something that i dont know the consequences of!!" and look where it got me.
blog post #2
i got a new fetch modus. its not really a huge upgrade, what gets taken out of the deck is random, but atleast i can actually access my stuff now
blog post #1
im not sure what the purpose of a blog is, but ive seen some other people have one on their sites so i figured why not. dunno how much ill update it though. anyways, i was talking to someone that added me because i have my chathandle on here, and apparently they might be able to get me out of this room ive been stuck in my whole life. dunno if thatll actually happen but it would be pretty cool